Read: The Strong Policy of President Farmaajo

Mr. President, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Farmaajo) is the political leader of Somalia’s history, after the collapse of the central government of Somalia.

Look out for everyday what is insulting, threatening and threatening the airspace over the heads of the regional administrations, the Somali people, the heads of Somaliland and other factions.

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If you see the word of a word that comes out of the media, the media does not represent the politician.

You will not see him as he answers, as he responds to the media, he plays with a policy that he does not understand when he kills 21st, so they can not understand.

We have seen how the neighboring Kenya and Ethiopia travel series was established by the time they call to seduce in order to inappropriate use of land or take pictures. Any money they call to reject and refuse to allow him to pay money to his country.

When they were unable to convince Farmas, they did not have the opportunity to play and play with their government to see if it was a bit of a hurry, but they could not do it because it was politically motivated and politically motivated by the leaders of these countries.

Look at the Arabs once again summon a sabbatical conference on the two sides of the imams and Qadar. He could not be found and decided to stand up for the Arab League.